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To harness the power of nature for a more sustainable world.

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Cuprina’s story begins with our Founder, Carl Baptista, who has a deep passion for Biotechnology and exploring biological means of solving some of the world’s challenges.


Although Carl began his career working in the pest control industry, he came to appreciate the opportunities insects can offer industries and quickly became a passionate advocate for insect conservation. While studying Applied Entomology, Carl learned of the medical applications of insects and particularly the benefits of maggot debridement therapy to treat chronic wounds. Convinced he could improve on the existing treatment methods, Cuprina Wound Care Solutions was born.

I was determined to create a product for Singapore that was both clinically effective and cost-efficient.

Carl Baptista

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Carl Baptista

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Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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David Quek

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Chief Executive Officer

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It is our ambition to be thought-leaders in entomology-driven solutions. To harness nature’s unique capabilities and transform these into innovations that mutually serve our communities and planet.


Driven by innovative biotechnology and our entrepreneurial spirit, we are focused on creating 

disruptive solutions that fuel sustainable development.

We know our insects and technologies have countless applications. So a key part of our growth strategy is diversifying our product portfolio and building multiple revenue streams across our capabilities.

​​Our journey began in 2019 with a focus on healthcare. We quickly gained market share and a loyal customer base for our medical products. We are now entering a new chapter, one focused on leveraging the full potential of our Lucilia cuprina blowflies that takes us into the agriculture and waste management industries. With one species at the centre, we have built business capabilities that share natural synergies and the ability to mobilise the power and potential of each other.

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Nature is the ultimate thrifter, leaving behind no waste in its processes. We believe natural ecosystems hold the key to circular economy solutions and we are determined to bring those lessons to industry.


In all our product development, we consider how blueprints can be transmitted and rolled out worldwide, allowing enough flexibility to integrate local contexts to ensure product success in any market. ​


We proactively engage partners and investors to explore new opportunities for generating additional revenue, collaborating to develop differentiated products and services shaped and informed by scientific research and keen market insights.


Our team commits to lifelong learning and continuously acquiring new skills and knowledge to help them shape solutions for now and in the future. As a small and agile team, we are selective in hiring and nurturing talent that believes in and advocates for our purpose. ​

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