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Grey Limbo

Save Lives & Limbs


Our MEDIFLI products are bio-dressings made of live, medical-grade maggots. Our particular species of maggot, the Lucilia cuprina, contains antimicrobial properties making them ideal for cleaning wound beds and ridding them of pathogens and necrotic tissue typically experienced in the inflammatory phase. ​

We offer two MEDIFLI product variations, Free Range and Baggots, to address different types of wound bed. 



Maggots in a bag. Baggots are placed onto wound beds and the maggots get to work from within the bag. This product is good for targeted debridement and wounds at joints that experience lots of movement.​ ​​

Free Range

Maggots are contained to the wound site beneath a dressing but are free to roam all crevices within the wound bed. This product is good for tricky to reach areas and complex wound beds not easily treated with conventional debridement methods. ​​


Collagen Dressing

We are working with Nanyang Technological University on these products and look forward to sharing updates in the coming year. ​



Collagen is a key component of effective wound healing as it aids skin regeneration. It plays an important role in all phases of wound recovery, but particularly the proliferation and maturation phases. ​

We are currently developing our own amphibian-derived collagen for use in wound care. Unlike traditional derivatives, bovine or porcine for example, amphibian-derived collagen has unique characteristics that can help expedite and improve wound healing outcomes. ​

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